Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Golf

We went out for a drive today around Smithville Lake.  While there we thought "How about a round of golf?".  Our first stop was the driving range.  Uh, oh, it's closed.  We scratched our heads wondering why they would close the driving range on such a beautiful day, and then we found the reason.

The ball retriever cart was stuck in the snow!  Oh well, we'll just have to start our round without any practice.  Off to the tees!

Decisions, decisions.  Outlaw or Posse.  Which one shall we play?  I wonder which is less crowded?

The Outlaw looks promising.  We see some footsteps heading to the tee, but no one is in sight.  They're probably a few holes ahead of us.

After running out of balls on the first hole, we decided to call it a day.  While leaving the park, we saw the restroom, which for obvious reasons is closed in the winter.  Why did they shovel a path to the door?


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