Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Park

Today is Norine's first official day of not being homebound.  Although it was quite chilly, we took advantage of an otherwise pretty day to take a walk in Loose Park.

There were a few people walking dogs, some children playing, and ducks on the water.  A very peaceful setting.

The fall colors are gone, replaced by colorful balloons.

The silhouette of a tree without leaves lets us know winter is on it's way.

It was our first Thanksgiving in a long time without family around.  It made the day a little sad, but also made us realize that our families have grown up and that things are different.  It's so quiet....time for a nap...


  1. It was a little sad today, but it will get easier. Your children grow up, get married, move away, and it can be impossible to get together on every holiday. I'm just so very thankful that they are such good people.

  2. I wish you could have been with us for Thanksgiving. Everything was scrumptilitious! I cook a pretty good turkey and mom's recipe for dressing. Yummy! Love you. Glad your sweety is healing. Love her too.